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Genuine engine parts(Doosan)

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1. Engine model:
DB58T; D1146T; DE08T; D2366N/T; DE12T;DV15TI

2. Genuine or OEM parts:

1 Cylinder head & block Cylinder block, cylinder head, valve guide pipe, valve retainer, cylinder head bolt, valve seals, cylinder liner, cylinder bolt, valve seals, cylinder head, camshaft liner, crankshaft bearing, oil spray nozzle, cylinder pad
2 Timing gearbox & flywheel housing Timing gearbox, timing gearbox cover, crankshaft oil seals, flywheel housing
3 Oil pan & oil pump Oil pan, oil pan gasket, oil guide pipe, oil pump
4 Crankshaft parts Crankshaft, crankshaft gear, flywheel parts, flywheel gear, connecting rod, copper sleeve, connecting rod bearing, piston, piston ring, piston pin, clamp ring, damping idler
5 Valve system Intake valve, exhaust valve, valve spring, valve spring gasket, rocker arm and axle assembly, rocker arm, rocker arm bracket, adjusting screw, tappet, push rod, camshaft, camshaft gear, idle gear, idle gear pin, valve lock
6 Oil & oil filtering system Oil filter, oil filter seat, diesel fuel filter, fuel filter seat
7 Cooling system Water pump, fan blade, fan flange, belt, belt idler, thermostat and housing, oil cooler, intercooler
8 Intake/exhaust system Intake pipe assembly, exhaust valve assembly, turbocharger and gasket
9 Fuel system Diesel pump, fuel injector assembly, injector nozzle, plunger, outlet valve, injection pipe assembly, fuel delivery pump
10 Electrical system Starter, oil pressure switch