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Beijing  Boda  Zongheng   construction   machinery  co., ltd   is   the   professional   distributor   of   genuine&OEM   parts   imported   for   excavator and   bulldozer.  we   have   more   than   6000   kinds  of   parts   in   the   stock,  including    excavator/bulldozer    undercarriage   parts, engineparts, hydraulicpump, valve, motor   assembly   and   parts, swing   reduction   gear   and   parts, travel   device and parts, swingbearing, hydraulic   cylinder   and   parts, excavator   electrical   accessories, wearingparts, etc. The   adequate   storage   facility   where   the   different product   lines   are   stocked   measures   more   than   3,000   squremeters. With   high   and   reliable   quality, the   products   we   distribute   are   brand   maker’s  genuine   parts,   OEM   parts   and   quality   replacement   parts.

Main business:
-Excavator/bulldozer   undercarriage   parts
-Swing   bearing
-Genuine   engine   parts( Doosan )
-Reduction   gear   box   and   parts(swing/travel)
-Main   pump, controlvalve, swing   motor   and   parts
-Hydraulic   cylinder   ass’y,   cylinder   rod   and   parts
-Repair   kits   of   cylinder, mainpump, valve, motor, centerjoint, etc
-Excavator   electrical   parts
-Radiator   and   hydraulic   oil   cooler
-Excavator   filter, pin   and   bushing

The   main   warehouse   and   turnover   warehouse (including   under   construction)  of   our   company   are   located   all   over   the   country, featuring   superior   geographic   location   and   convenient   traffic. So   we   are   able   to   provide   efficient,   fast   and   reliable   service   to   our   customers.
With  excellent   quality, adequateinventory, efficient   distribution   and   sincere   service, we   strive   to   be   a   valuable   resource   to   our customers.